Thursday, August 10, 2006

Want To Be A Successful Woman? Learn from the Martha Stewart Blueprint

Even if Martha's stock is down right now there a lot to learn from her. She took a wee catering business and built into a Big Ol' BRAND.

If you haven't checked out the Martha site recently...go do it. Flowers, linens, Body and Soul... and even a new magazine called Blueprint.
I love that the focus and accessibility of what they are up to. Check out Elizabeth Graves beauty tips. They are fresh and yummy. And more about Elizabeth here's what my pal Arianna's blog said.

Many of the women I coach beat themselves up because they have changed careers or want to change careers. Don't. Learn a lesson from Martha.

Martha Lesson:
Have the courage to try something new. What was Martha's college major? Art History.
What jobs did she have before she was a mogul? A model, investment banker and caterer. Much of her savvy came from simply doing.

Eli's Living Large for Less Tip:
Saturday I'm hosting a Brazilian Bash for 50 some of my pals. How do I throw a great party for a fraction of the cost?

Buy, Baby Buy
Buy glasses, plates and silver. Renting plates was .50 cents. Buying plates at Ikea
was .79 cents. Since I have several parties coming for the book launch…you do the math.

Thrift Stores Are Your Friend.
I buy loads of whimsical silver and table linens. Here in LA folks don't think much of napkins or old martini shakers. Mixing the linens is great and it's groovy.

Ironing Rocks.
Who knew? I believe that ironing is the newest trend in Hedonistic Housekeeping. Get a can a spray starch, an iron and some 12 napkins. Do some ironing and call me in the morning if you don't feel better.

Mix The Guests Not Just the Drinks
A great party is about great people. There is an eclectic guest list: Allee Willis just did Color Purple on Broadway, Prudence Fenton has won 3 Emmy's, and Marilyn Gill has produced for the Oprah Show. A Danish guy named Fulmer, an organic gardener, some neighbors, coaching clients, artists and my support team. Then there is Hair Master ‘Homer’ and his crew.

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