Friday, August 25, 2006

Success In Hollywood: Just Ask Nicole

I met Eli Davidson while I was working as a Producer on a makeover show for USA. I instantly loved her, and wanted her to appear on the show I was producing! She has this magical ability to bring a different kind of energy into your world!

In my business, sometimes you work and sometimes you don't. When you are not working you are spending time catching up on you! During my last five months of unemployment Eli's class helped me put my career into perspective and into more of a solid path. I jumpstarted my life. Where as before I would talk about it and generate activity but really had no productivity. I am amazing at what I do, and since Jumpstart I have taken the tools from class and applied and followed through to generate the career I want!

I have been pitching my own shows and Eli encouraged me to pitch 5 shows in one month! I explained that there was no way that 5 would materialize. I promised three! But what I found was that 5-6 leads actually came directly to me. Then jobs came to me. Now I am on another beauty show as Senior Segment Producer, where I am told I kick but! The shows that I pitched and worked the hardest at, were the ones that were passed on. But the shows that I did half the work on were really the ones that they were interested in. I am a firm believer in everything Eli does. I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to constantly be moving forward in life and with your career!

Nicole Dunn

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