Thursday, August 24, 2006

Success Strategy: Just Ask Diana

Diana was going through some incredible challenges. Instead of letting tough times take her out she made a very savvy move, she got the support of the Jumpstart Group.

Joining Jumpstart was like hot-wiring myself to a success source. From the
exactly perfect visualizations to your utter and total loving support, this
was just what I needed to move through the roadblock I had become stuck
behind. Because of Jumpstart, I have a clearer picture of where I am headed
and tools to continue supporting me in getting there. With you as my guide in
manifesting, I was dumbfounded and ecstatic to attract exactly the (large)
amount of money I requested and and opportunities in my field practically
fell in my lap.

Additinally, your humor and the light-hearted camaraderie you engendered
amaong the group were an integral part of the experience.

I am beyond grateful, Eli!

Diana Harrelson

The next time you are feeling might be...the food you are eating. What a joy to find that even chocolate (it its raw state could be actually good for you!) Find out more from Diana at:

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