Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Successful Woman Business Owner- You Don't Have To Do It Alone...Just Ask Teri!

There were some amazing women in our Jumpstart group. Here is what Teri had to say.

"When I began the JUMPSTART program in May, life was “funky” to the max – my 6-year marriage was ending, I faced a challenging relocation from Orange County back to Los Angeles, and my copywriting business was stagnant. Four months later, I am about to move into a darling home in Culver City, new L.A.-based marketing clients are materializing every week, and I have started writing a book about amicable divorces.

Eli’s telecoaching course helped me to formulate a clear vision of the expansive life I want to create for myself, both personally and professionally, and laid the foundation to make that happen in a big, abundant way. Having the support of 5 other fabulous women was a phenomenal experience for someone who has always prided myself on independence. I now feel that I am part of an empathetic, encouraging, empowering community and don’t have to “go it alone” anymore.

I am so grateful to Eli and the girls for helping me get back on track and turn my challenges into opportunities...and I can’t wait to discover how much higher we can lift each other up as Club Fabulous continues!"

- Teri Lynn Breier, M.A.
Copywriter/Marketing Consultant

Teri is the owner of an incredible marketing company that helps 'green businesses grow.' She and her company are a tremendous resource.

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