Monday, September 25, 2006

Savvy Tip: Spot a Liar

I had the misfortune of going out with a liar on Saturday night. Hopefully, my sad situation will help you avoid an equal low life.

This was the third date with this "Emmy winning producer" or at least so he says. Let's call him...Jesse...picked my up in a limo, took me to a romantic dinner and was a pretty darn good kisser at the end of the evening.

"Let's take a walk and go get some brunch tomorrow he asked." Sounded good? Sure.
But wait. When I called to confirm, he was already out at brunch with Someone Else. A mere eight hours later...and Jesse had lied (he called it dropping the ball)and after his telling me "what a loyal person he was" was out romancing someone else.

Wheter interviewing a new employee, talking to your teen, or catching a guy that's a playa...her are some tips on how to tell if someone is lying....

Vague: He will "forget" that he made a promise. Like he would pick you up...or not slee with your best freind.

Listen to Your Gut:If you get a quesy feeling in your stomach. WATCH OUT! This silly little insticts are your fastest defense against a liar. US Border Guards are trained in listening to their body sensations...which helps them spot liars on the border of our country.

TTY: They Tell You. Listen really, really, really carefully about why their last relationship failed. It is the EXACT reason that you will want to leave them.My ex-wife "treated me so badly."

B-b-b-bad To The Bone: He sure did stutter, stammer, and wrap his tongue around his forehead. I watched Jesse use some hum dinger run on sentances.

Watch Your Um's and Ah's: Ah, er, um, oh and sometimes duh are a liar’s vowels.

The Trapped Rat: Once cornered, a liar denys he’s lying. Old Jesse pretended that something he promiced to do (get me a tape) was a new request.

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Irina said...

hey Eli...sorry that happened to you. You certainly know how to deal with people like him. I've actually been inspired lately to write some posts as well. After a few bummers and disappointments, I decided to go back to what you've taught me in order to get rid of my funk. I made some F2F lift-me-ups here in the Netherlands..all thanks to the things I've learned working for you. I am fabulous now and I will post them soon.

Thanks Eli!