Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yes! I am an Oprah freak!!!

Seven years ago I was made single by a husband that woke me up on a grey Monday morning to tell me he had been “wildly unfaithful”. So it was comforting to see the article in O How to Be A Genius in Relationships. Looking at my track record, it is an article I certainly need.

But, who cares about relationships when they gave me the answer to my prayers! A whole slew of comfortable, good looking heels. Look What We Found! Heels That Women Love! I was so thrilled to see the article that I tried to read it in my candle lit bubble bath.

Perhaps this can be a cautionary tale to other readers. In my crazed bubble-bath-reading- O-shoe-article frenzy I moved a candle closer (to check out the price on those pumps) and just about set your magazine and my house fire. Mercifully, your smoldering publication fell in the tub and I lived another day. To buy another issue.

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Anonymous said...

Way weird, huh, kid?
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