Monday, November 13, 2006

Eli on the Red Carpet for the Artivist Film Awards

The Artivist Film Festival honors films and celebrities that make a difference on the planet. It was an honor to attend an event with an intention to bring so much good!

I was invited by the good folks at Channel G TV.

It is a rapidly growing television network that gives you the chance to contribute to some of the best charities on the planet.

If you are starting to feel FUNKY about the holidays, one of the best ways to start feeling FABULOUS to give to another.

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Anonymous said...

Watching movies, eating pop-corn, giving my view on the movie and listening to my husband’s opinion: this is the best way to spend Saturday evenings. I wish I could take part in film awards and be one those judges who decide the films’ fates. The latest occasion to argue with my husband was European Film Awards 2006, which took part in Warsaw. Here you can take a look on the results.