Monday, November 20, 2006

Holday Tips: Zip It Up

Last year our holiday "Turnaround Tips" were a favorite.

In my book, Funky to Fabulous, one of my favorite chapters is 'The Low Criticism Diet". So, regardless of what you eat...feel good about it. Berating yourself about what you ate triggers more overeating.

Here are a few new ones to help Thanksgiving not be a day you regret.

1) Change Your Outfit: Change Your Appetite
Sure you have been slaving over the hot stove for days. Take a few minutes to put on your snazzy heels and something that makes you feel....stunning. It helps if the zipper is snug, so you will feel your stomach expand. Studies show that if you feel like you look good, you will be less likely to reach for the fourth piece of pumpkin (or in my case pecan) pie. This is an NLP technique.

2) Lipstick
Yes, vanity can have it's place. Leave the table (Please leave the table. I can't stand watching women put on makeup at the table.) and go put on your lipstick. When you look at yourself in the mirror, remind yourself that you look...fabulous! And that you will keep it that way.

3) The Secret
Here's the secret that French woman that is telling everyone how to be thin.


If at all humanly possible, just eat half of what you serve yourself. I think that smaller plates are a big help with that little secret. You trick your eye into believing that you are eating more- or at least be aware that you have enough to feed a small village on your plate.

Good Luck. And let me know how it goes!

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