Thursday, November 02, 2006

Here's Some Funky to Fabulous for Ya

Hello Ladies,

I write this to show a prime example of how I went from being really Funky to Fabulous. It took me some time to realize that I needed to get out of my funk so that I can embrace the life around me. I have been traveling and studying in Europe for 3 and a half months now, how fabulous, right? Well, I didn't think so for about a month because of a boy...yes a boy. I was under the weather because someone I cared for broke my heart without so much as saying a word. Before I left for Europe, I had been dating someone I knew for about 3 years. When I left, everything was fine and we decided to keep in contact at least once a week for our 7 month separation. Well that only lasted for about 2 months. He stopped calling me back. I did not and still don't know what happened to him. It's been 3 months since we have had any contact. He just disappeared off the face of the Earth. He did not even have the guts to break up with me after being friends for 3 years...despite all my attempts to contact him.

Well...I was distraught and heartbroken as anyone would be, I imagine. I did not know what to do with myself even though I am in Europe...supposed to be having the time of my life. Finally I remembered what Eli has always taught me. I started thinking positively. I took baby steps, one day at a time to get over my disappointment. In order to remind myself that I am worth so much more...I put that paper on my mirror so that every morning when I looked at myself, I knew I was fabulous and deserved more. This was about a month ago. Today I am doing much much better. I am no longer stressing over what has happened because I know that he is the one that messed up. Ultimately, I know that it is his loss, not mine. I know I am fabulous and someday there will be someone that will realize this and appreciate it.

Ladies, don't let a man ever get you down because he does not deserve your nerves and tears. You are worth some much more, don't you forget it.

Thanks Eli. Can't wait to see you again!



Funky to Fabulous said...

Dearest Irina,
You just touched my heart to the very core.
I-Girl,I promice as tough as this is will look back at it and see that...
B is for break-up...and Blessing in disguise.

You ARE Fabulous.

You are an incredible, beautiful, loving, tender, kind, smart, sassy, savvy, luscious, sexy and did I say beautiful woman.

Michelle & Sabrina said...

You are a superstar! Us superstars have to stick together! We are really happy that you internalized the positive energy around you and captured the positivity that was sent your way! Just remember everything happens for a reason, there is always the storm before the calm...You already had your storm!!!!!

We love you!!!! Team Fab forever!!!!

Michelle and Sabrina

Irina said...

Aww, you guys are wonderful! Thanks for the support.

Funky to Fabulous said...

Dearest Irina,
Just so you know we have been sending you FAB energy all day. I know what an incredible person you are.

I am so glad that you reached out. Look at all the love coming at you from your Team Fab.

Please keep us in the loop so we can keep supporting you!

Another Day said...

im so so so proud of u, its true you are fabulous!!!