Friday, November 03, 2006

Savvy Tip: Share Good News.

Here are some reviews from folks that just got a sample chapter!

Sitting in the LAX airport waiting for the red eye flight back to the Midwest I was drawn into Eli's magical way of making words alive right there on the page...her humor and gift of expression wrapped around me as I read that first chapter which she gave out after class weekend...NOW...the anticipation of this, her first book to get the "rest of the story"! Many stockings here in Indiana will hold the this powerful book...including mine!

Love, Maryellen Bein Indianapolis/Fishers Indiana

"I loved, loved, loved the intro, Eli, and can't wait for the rest! Congratulations on getting the job done and the warmest of wishes for continued success which I am sure you will enjoy..."
Teresa Edrington , California

"I read the hardcopy of the chapter and I LOVE IT. It is clear, and personable, and funny, and insightful. Way to go woman! I look forward to the book, on the NY Times bestseller list of course."
Deborah Martinez, California

"I just had a 5 minute peak at your book exerpt and it is AWESOME!!!!
Light light...I am blessed to know and witness you."
Tamsin Rothchild, California

"What a cool book I cant wait to read it. Let us know when the party is to celebrate you, you really deserve it. thought it was so you, adorable, funny, charming and very effective in communicating that we have choices in the what we do with our mind and emotions. Bravo, keep up the good work!
Deanna Gayle

"My sisters finance started reading my copy I left there inadvertently and he said that he thoroughly enjoyed what he read.. He asked who is this person? And he said, " I really like this book. " My reply was oh, she is fabulous and more!!! "
Marina Gonzolez, Nevada

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