Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Lesson from..........Bhutan

In Funky to Fabulous I introduce the concept that You Are The Mayor of You-ville. Inside your are the only governor who can change your day. As El Numero Uno of You, you are the one elect to make your day 'crappy or happy."

As Mayor, is was fab-tastic to discover that the government of Bhutan has got it right.

Instead of watching their nation's GDP or Gross Domestic Product. they track the GDH Gross Domestic Happiness. The government focuses on what will increase the nation’s happy factor. As a nation they are committed to sustainable growth and create policies that will increase the nation's collective happiness. Instead of pimping their nation out to every tourist that comes along, they charge tourists a $200 a day fee. That helps the tiny nation to protect its pristine mountain and their delicate environmental balance.

By following their Happy First policy they have created a haven that reframes how they move toward their future. The place a high value on being healthy and happy. It might be a policy you want to incorporate as the Mayor of You-ville

Fab Tip: As Mayor of You-ville, you are the person that directs everything in You-ville. Before you dash toward a GDP decision, stop. Take a breath. Ask yourself “Does this make me happy?”
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