Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Savvy Tip: Toot Your Horn

One thing I see in my coaching of women business owners is that they are often shy about
1. Speaking Up
Men seem to have an easier time of talking about themselves
2. Asking For What They Want.
Women are either wishy washy about their needs or vague about their requests
3. Valuing Their Contribution.
Time and time again I see women under price their goods and services. "What I do isn't valuable.” is an unconscious statement many women make.

In each of these areas, Selene Soler, is a hero to me. If anyone knows how to speak her's Selene.

And when she does something...she does it 100%. I was blown away by her website and the astonishing collection of jewelry she has created. The site just went live today! Check it out!

Now, it's time for me to toot my own horn for Funky to Fabulous.
Thanks to the amazing book is already being read in South America! That is the power of fabulous women coming together to live their fabulousness!

"Eli, I opened the e-mail, went to the chapter and read it all without interruption. It is funny, very “fluid” in the way it is written (hope you understand that, it is a direct translation from Spanish, meaning, it sounds like it was written without effort – yes, I know…, but it is great that it sounds that way).

Continuing: it is also wise and engaging. You have a total success, my dear, and I am so happy to congratulate you. Totally fabulous, and you deserve it, in fact, you made it so.

I have already forwarded the link to many friends, including some in South America. You are already going international. And whatever your vision is, with your energy and drive, it will get done. I have no doubt. Love, Selene Soler Jewelry Designer

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