Friday, January 05, 2007

Fabulous In Finland

A Secret THE SECRET Didn't Tell You is....

A great way to attract your good is to be part of a positive community. Please come and check out our most recent post on

Here is an incredible and inspiring woman who is leading positive change in Finland and all over the globe! What a fabulista! She is an opera singer, writer...and hockey fan! This is what the wonderful Cristina Andersson had to say!

"World is amazing! One never knows when life changes. Meeting Eli Davidson at the Youtube was a lifechanging experience for me. Her inspiring energy, enthusiasm, life-experience and wisdom practically gushed through the small youtube-window and I just had to find out more about her. I found her website, read an excerpt from her book "Funky to Fabulous" and became convinced that I can become fabulous as well! Eli Davidson really knows the secret and beyond...."

Cristina Andersson, educationalist and soprano, author of the "Winning Helix", Helsinki

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