Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Will Your New Year Resolution Backfire? Funky to Fabulous Ways to Keep Your Resolution. The Secret the Secret Didn't Tell You.

Feeling Funky?

The resolution that will help you the most is probably one you never considered making.
It is an underused four letter word. Research shows that as little as fifteen minutes spent on some of these "Turnaround Techniques" greatly impacts your health, happiness and all over well-being. As a success coach I have seen clients go from Funky to Fabulous time after time. Research shows that happy people are both more productive and make more money when they feel content. So, do something fabulous for yourself and watch your health, financial and personal goals

Science is backing up this new wave of research is exploring these "positive interventions".
Spending time in nature
Spending time with friends and loved ones
Intimacy (verbal, physical, etc.)
Meditation or attending spiritual/worship services
Hobbies or other "engrossing" activities that induce "flow"
Helping someoneBeing creative
Expressing your gratitude

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