Monday, February 12, 2007

17 Every Hour....and That's FABULOUS

What's happening at the rate of 17 every hour?

Women are starting new businesses!

That's right. Every day 420 women-owned businesses emerge in the United States.

But wait...there's more! Women-owned companies are creating jobs twice as fast as all other companies combined. Who would have dreamed that now our compaines and pay more salaries than all of the Fortune 500 companies?

"Women's companies are more likely than others to stay in business, while companies owned by women of color are four times as likely as others to stay in business," say Heffernan author of How She Does It,"

Times...they are a changin'!

In her book Heffernan focuses on the stories of 26 women entrepreneurs and business executives to show why they went into business and why they have been so successful. And that sounds pretty FABULOUS!

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