Thursday, February 08, 2007

Raise A Glass of Chapagne for Chrissy!

I was lucky enough to sit next to Chrissy and Katie at a talk I did last week for e-Women network. Check out the POWER OF FABULOUS!!!! And if you are in the OC now you know of a great chiropractor! And the first Funky to Fabulous Book Club!

"It is Chrissy Stamm, the chiropractor. It was so wonderful to hear you speak again and what a treat to sit next to you. I really enjoyed your talk, and Katie and I have started a Funky to Fabulous Book Club. We are meeting next Wednesday for the first time. We are ready to get in touch with our inner "Fabulous" selves. I wanted to write you the little story I spoke about.

The first time I heard you speak, you asked us the question, "What is keeping you up at night?" Immediately my job came to mind. I am a chiropractor and at the time was working for two other chiropractors as an associate and was feeling very undervalued and had the pay check to prove it. You led us through a visualization in which I pictured drinking champagne at the grand opening of my own office, I could feel the wood floors under my feet and smell the fresh flowers. It was the first time I even dreamed of having my own practice. Well, I quit my job about a month later, and found a space to lease. I am planning to open up in Costa Mesa right on Newport Blvd in April. They are doing construction right now. It is a wonderful location and I know my clients will benefit from the change as well.

Your talk was just what I needed to give me the motivation to go out on my own. Thank you so much. I can't wait to have that sip of champagne, I already know it is going to taste and feel so "Fabulous!"

Dr. Chrissy Stamm D.C.
"Be in Balance, Live in Motion"

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