Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Britney Spears Cry For Help....Advice from Success Coach to Grammy Winners

Britney Spears has been crying for help for years. A quickie marriage. Then a marriage that should have been over in 55 hours if she had any sense.

As a Success Coach to Emmy that helps women go from Funky to Fabulous, here are some tips for Britney.

1. Take time.
Don't rush rehab. Sure you lost your baby fat fast, but true healing takes time. The journey inward is a natural process and it can't be rushed. Regardless, of what her record company and handlers say. Her closest confidants have said that she has been on such a whirlwind that she has been flying instead of living her life.

2. Take Care.
You chose a party animal for a husband. It's time to take care of you and your kids. That means doing something each day that nurtures you and your kids. Hint: that doesn't mean shopping with Paris Hilton

3. Take a Step
After you start a new life, take your new life slowly. You used incredible discipline and determination to get where you are. Use that muscle of strength and discipline to take small steps to have a healthier life.

4. Forgive.
Yep. Forgive yourself. You would have done better if you had the tools. Forgiving yourself- let the past go. That is the only way to lay down your burden. It's hard to start over when you are carrying the past on your shoulders.

5. Give.
One of the most healing things is to give to another. Get high helping your kids.

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