Friday, April 13, 2007

FABULOUS! Insider Secrets On How To Become A Multimillionaire...From A Multimillionaire

Heidi Nietert is one of the most amazing, kind and giving women on the planet. One of my very speific goals is to create one million dollars in assets for Heidi to grow and manage with Wilmington Trust .
It's a financial organization committed to recognizing worth and building wealth. I love thier focus on working with women.

Heidi was kind enough to share the insider information on building wealth from legendary real estate titan Sam Freshman.

These are incredible principles! Let me know how you are putting them into practice!

Principles of Financial Independence

1. Personal purchases cost you 60% more as they are after tax.

2. Separate wants from needs. Concentrate on needs.

3. Credit is for emergencies. Pay cash until you reach your goal.

4. Windfalls are capital not income. Capital is for wealth investment.

5. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

6. Inexpensive gifts can show you care. Expensive gifts give a false impression and are motivated by insecurity.

7. Do not forget taxes. Immediately set aside taxes.

8. Debt is poison. It is negative. First is interest and charges. Second debt prevents investing and reaching financially independence. It creates insecurity.

9. Pleasure of luxury is short. Anxiety lasts until discharge of debt.

10. Small savings over big time are better to create wealth than big risks.

11. Never take a risk or purchase an item you can not afford.

12. Get gratification from personal relationships not material things.

13. Fight impulse purchases, resist gratification, invest instead.

14. Why are you shopping, know the reasons.

15. Buy what pays you not what decreases in value or costs to carry.

16. Income $1.00: spend 99¢ = happiness; spend $1.01 = misery.

17. Ask, Ask, Ask for what you want, don’t expect.

18. Comparison shop first.

19. Buy wholesale whenever possible.

20. Do not buy labels, buy value.

21. Buy Pre-owned whenever appropriate.

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