Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Funky Confession

Working for Funky to Fabulous, you'd think I would never have Funky days.....WRONG! Last week I discovered that I was slipping into a deep funk for no apparent reason. I felt funky about every aspect of my life and I felt like I started losing control of myself. Slipping deeper and deeper into becoming an emotional wreck within days, I decided I needed to stop before I started ruining my relationships. Working with the F2F team, you learn how to deal with certain challenges. Besides having a support system of women who know what you're going through, they can also offer advice that really helps. Team Fabulous is family and F2F is a part of my life..thus making my funky days more than obvious to all who were around me.

I decided I needed an attutude adjustment ASAP. I made a list of things that I felt were frustrating me and disturbing my daily activities. Then I made a list of things that would solve these minor annoyances. This weekend I am planning on going to Burke Williams Spa to start a fresh new week free of any negativity and funk. Sometimes we all need a little rejuvination and recooperation by stopping the bad cycle in time to improve the negative attitude and start fresh.

Thank you team Fabulous!!!

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Funky to Fabulous said...

What an honor it is to have you in the family of TEAM FABULOUS!