Friday, June 01, 2007

Laugh Your Way to Success!

Bored at work? Wishing you were ANYWHERE else but there? Unfortunately many people feel that way, it's part of life. Even for those who enjoy what they do, work can get a little mundane sometimes. You know what we all need? A little more laughter in the work place! A happy work environment results in happy employees and a successful, prospering business.

In an April edition of Fast Company's online magazine, Michelle Loyalka quotes business tycoon, John Heffron, who says the "sterile all-work-and-no-play corporate environments simply drive people to other diversions-be it daydreaming, surfing the Web or playing Solitaire." Does this sound familiar to you? You probably need a little pick me up then, here's Heffron's advice:

"By bringing laughter into the office, a business owner can at least have some control over when and how the entertainment happens."

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