Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Are the Mayor of You

The moment you decide to take dominion over what happens to you internally (regardless of the gunk and funk that can go on during a day) you step into your rightful place as the Mayor of You-ville. The instant you take office, you step up to the podium of your self-esteem and personal power. Hey, when I say personal power, I'm not talking about strutting through your life like a bad reality TV show diva. I'm talking about simply claiming the capacity that is already yours.

Think about what it means to be the Mayor of You-ville. You are able to speak up and set clear, healthy boundaries. (Even at work. Even with your kids. Even with your in-laws.) You are able to keep your cool with that creep from accounting. You are able to ask for what you want because what the heck,you're the Mayor. Take a moment and drink it in. Connect with
what being in charge of you feels like inside your skin. Most people feel a sense of expansiveness or serenity. What about you?

Go ahead. Stand up and feel what it's like to be Mayor. You might find yourself sashaying, or striding, or strolling. It seems that each Mayor has their own natural pace. And their own name. Folks have been the Captain of My Ship, the Goddess of My Temple, the Diva of Me, even the Magic Baker of My Town. What is yours? Sure, it may seem a little silly, but go for it. You are using parts of yourself that you may not have visited since you turned eight. Is there a tickle of happy in there? Let yourself find it.

Let's face it. You are and have always been the Mayor of Youville anyway. You just may have abdicated—like the rest of us. The moment you take office as The Boss, things can begin to change. The moment you stop pretending that someone else has snatched the remote control of your life, that's the moment your life transforms. How? You start choosing yourattitudes and your actions.

Even when you love someone more than life itself, you can't breathe their air or digest their food. We aren't wired that way. No one but you can assimilate the tuna melt sandwich you had for lunch. So too, no one but you can choose your attitude. The moment you grasp that it's you, only you, who can grant yourself authentic power, that's when you wake up. You stop being an innocent bystander in your own life and start becoming the co-creator of your days.

Eli Davidson, Success Coach and author of Funky to Fabulous: Surefire Success Strategies for the Savvy, Sassy, and Swamped
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