Saturday, August 04, 2007

13 “FAB” Tips To Go From Whiner To A Winner

1. Center Yourself.
Take in a deep breath. Let it out. Now,
breathe in brilliance. Exhale out the burden. Do this three times so you feel more centered.

2. Ask for the Greatest Good.
As Mayor, take a moment and claim your office, and ask that your solutions be for the highest good for all.

3. Set Your Intention.
Set your intention to discover successful scenarios.

4. What Do You Want?
Take a moment to think of something fabulous you'd like to do, be, or have.

5. See It.
Let's say you want to double your income. Picture yourself enjoying the fun and freedom all that dough will give you.

6. Listen Up.
What goes on in your brain when you see yourself in those pictures? Do you hear all the reasons it won't happen? "It's impossible." "I can't make more money." "I got fired from my last job." "I'm not smart enough." Okey-dokey. Thank your Criticism Committee for showing up.

7. Make a Shift.
As Mayor, you are the one in charge of what you tell yourself. You can switch your self-talk.

8. Quick, a Pic.
Think of a way to make $1. Great. Now, think of an idea for making $100. Super. Now, think of an idea that will make $1,000. Excellent. Now, have a million-dollar idea. $1,000.000. Well done! (Every hairbrained concept counts!) Did you notice how you had different pictures for each?

9. Brainstorming.
Now, instruct your Mental Board to brainstorm solutions—how to manifest the picture of what you want. The best way to come up with a few really good ideas is to start with lots of ideas. They don't have to be good. They don't have to work. They don't even need to make a lot of sense. Just create a downpour of possibilities.

10. Write Them Down.
Jot down your Solution Solutions as they come to you (no editing or peeking from the Criticism Committee, please).

11. Review.
Once you have ten ideas (silly, stupid, and impossible ones count) reevaluate your list. Is there an approach you hadn't thought of? Is there a next step you can explore? Bravo! If not, that's fine too. You can keep playing the game to find the solution, instead of looking at the problem.

12. What You Focus on Grows.
Stay focused on what you want more of and how you can create it.

13. Thank Yourself.
Thank yourself for making a choice to discover the power of positive focus.

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