Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Business Blunder...Grab The Wheel!

Imagine driving your car down the freeway-the wrong direction.

You wouldn't do it. Ever.

But, you probably did do that today when you talked to yourself or your team. It's staggering to see how often leaders deflate their teams. Negative focus creates negative results.

Ever time you have an interaction with a team member you are grabbing the steering wheel. If you are at a top level of managment, it's all the more important to direct your team toward the results you want.

Dr Kevin Money “Everyone experiences emotion at work so the challenge for employers is to get their people to think more positively and learn from what others do well. It is up to those at the top to create a positive culture where employees take time out to reflect and share experiences in terms of what is working well and why.”

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