Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Making More Money- Are YOU Shooting Yourself In the Foot?

Working with a client yesterday, I saw the power of how attitude, goals and results converge.

It's important to set realistic goals. Often women feel hopeless becasue they never meet own internal expectations. If you aren't thin enough, rich enough or smart enough....welcome to the crowd.

I see clients flounder because the results they are chasing are unobtainable.

Turnaround Tip: Give Yourself A Break
If you think you can spend two hours a day at the gym five days a week (and never manage to make it), decide to go three days a week for an hour. When you accomplish a task (even something like feeding your cat) acknowledge yourself . The more frequently you appreciate yourself and others the greater attitude of gratitude you will have.

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WomenBiz said...

I found you through the journals. This is such a positive blog, just my type. I will be back to read more.