Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Turnaround Techniques Transform Technology Company

I’ve worked with you as a coaching client for a month. You are magical! My sales increase over 300% in our first month of coaching. I own a business into which I put a significant amount of money to launch and run. Business was soft this year. Month after month I was pulling from a home equity loan to keep the business going, plus my credit cards and other credit lines were maxed out. At the rate I was going, in three months I was going to lose my house and the business.

During our first coaching session we set several large goals. My work with you kept me focused in a way in which I was unable to do before. I un-volunteered from boards and committees, examined issues I would rather not have seen, and worked with my team to get results.

In one month of coaching with you we closed more business deals than in any month since I started the company six years ago.

With your help we are now on track to build the type and size company which I had initially set out to do. I can’t recommend your coaching highly enough!

Chole C.
President, Technology Industry
Los Angeles, Ca.

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