Friday, October 12, 2007

Building After A Break Up

If you think your business isn't afffected by your personal are NUTS! It is every woman's FUNKY TO FABULOUS. As a business coach, I am seeing how intertwined a clients personal and professional life is.

I went through a break up not too long ago...and want to share some Getting Over The Break Up tips

Mending a broken heart requires that you change habits. Recent scientific studies show that you need to change the neuro pathways in your brain in order to forget that past love- and redirect yourself toward your new life.

One Break Up Is Enough.
If it's over- it's over.
You make mending your broken heart tougher if you stay in contact.

Whatever you do- do NOT contact him.

Get Plenty of Vitamin G

Studies show that in times of stress women gain strength, comfort from the company of other women. Girl Time is so important that I call it Vitamin G. (lots of science to back this up!)

Call girlfriends and fill up 'couple time' with Vitamin G "Girl Time"

Alone time is the toughest time when you are mending. (It's natural to start thinking of Mr. Almost Right) Here are some Turnaround Techniques to use to stop from sliding into a pit

Mend Through Giving
Get busy-giving to others. Studies show that there is a "Helpers High" (with the same endorphin lift that runners get from exercise) that comes when you volunteer and help others less fortunate. Volunteering will help you:

  • fill up with self esteem and be
  • reminded of how valuable you are
  • see that others have challenges bigger than yours
  • have a more positive attitude

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