Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Lesson of The Table

For the two yeeeeeeeeears I was dating my laptop and finishing my book, my biggest high was to sneak into Barnes & Noble. My heart would pound so hard that it was my B&N High. Instead of dreaming of kissing some hunky dude I salivated as I starred at the Self Improvement self imaging where my book might go.

What a crazy nut job. I'd never written a book. I'd never had a writing class. First time authors without a big publisher NEVER get onto the selves of a Big Book Store. I might as well have been on crack...which some store goers might have thought was the case.

Today, I was in that very same Barnes & Noble. My book wasn't on the shelf.
Nope. They had already sold out of the first batch.

They have sold so many copies that it was featured on the Self Improvement Table.

Funky to Fabulous was 2 books away from Oprah's new book. (And we all know what that means!) My book was there along with books that had changed my life. Louise Hay's, You Can Heal Your Life.

What does this mean to you...
Even if everyone in your life thinks your idea is ludicrous...keep at it.

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