Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Managment Tips: Lessons From A Baseball Hero

As a motivational speaker, I learn so much from the example set by baseball legend Ernie Banks. He is someone who shows the power of going from Funky to Fabulous. What an honor to get to know he and his wife as friends and get to celebrate Ernie's 77th birthday last week.

If you think you have it tough at work, think again.
Ernie was one of the best players of the Chicago Cubs. Yet, he was not allowed to eat in the same restaurants or sleep in the same hotels as his teammates. Banks did not let his circumstances diminish his enthusiasm and love of the game. His trademark cry of “let's play two!” reflected the pure enjoyment he took in baseball.

Being a black Cubs baseball player was a revolutionary act. At dinner he confided, "I knew that any day I could end up on the wrong side of a rope." When I asked him how he could keep such a positive attitude in the midst of such challenges, he simply pointed to his head. "It's all right here." He told me that once he walked onto a baseball field everything that was negative evaporated. Ernie trained himself to keep his eyes on what he wanted to accomplish and turnaround those things that were negative.

2008 Funky to Fabulous Revolution: MOVE
This is a lesson that can help you be more effective in your office, home or even on the baseball field. (It's one of the many tools from my book.)

Fab Tip: Get Up to Get UP
Ernie used the baseball field as an anchor for what we all Neuro-Linguistic Programming "Pattern Interrupt." Walking onto the field interrupted negative thoughts, and he focused on success. Even if you can't get out to a baseball field you can use a turnaround technique today. Take a challenge. And then turn it around.

At some point this week, when you find yourself challenged by someone or something.
1. Physically stand up
2. Take 3 deep breaths
3. Walk for one minute while repeating the word happy or fabulous 25 times. (You might even envision thousands of fans rooting for you.)
4. Observe the difference in your attitude and ability to problem solve.

Let me know if what Turnaround Techniques you use.!

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