Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Christmas Morning Came In May

Christmas Morning Came In May

The event was over. All the other guest has left. As the very gracious Robert and Michael were helping me pack up my books and press clippings, Michael motioned me over. One of the young busboys shyly asked if he could ask question. He apparently had been listening to every word as he quietly did his work throughout the evening.

It was as if he had peeked through a keyhole and seen Christmas morning taking place in the room next door. You could see the glow of hope in his eyes as he asked, "Could even someone like me be…fabulous?"

Victor was his name. He explained that he was from Mexico. He too had grown up on a dirt road. He knew survival and not much else. Even the word fabulous seemed far from his reach.

What an honor to remind Victor that not only, could he be fabulous- but that he already WAS fabulous. Each and every one of us is fabulous. At our core is a wonderful magnificence regardless of our current circumstances. Taping into that 'Fabulous Factor' has helped many people achieve things they believed were completely impossible-including myself. Victor's eye's began to twinkle.

He spelled his name slowly V-I-C-T-O-R as I inscribed a book for him. With every letter he seemed to stand taller realizing that he too could be a victor and be his fabulous. He was beaming as he got a book and a hug. Seeing the visible impact of this moment was profound. Robert, Michael and I realized that we didn't have our meeting for Rotary. We had our meeting to bring hope to a young Mexican bus boy named Victor.

If I could give you a gift that you would treasure for the rest of your life, it would Victor's smile.

That smile gave me Christmas in May.

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