Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Circle of Fire

I wept.

I wept so hard that my friend Annette came into the bathroom to
console me. Why was I crying? The SEVENTY ONE videos to share
the crazy journey to The Today Show erased themselves. The
Swedish cab driver, the spray tan disaster with the sink made for
dwarfs and the best video of all....the art gallery nose injury
video. Gone.

The lost videos were a part of The Circle of Fire. Technology
glitches had been scorching me with the flames of them not
working. Two cell phones that didn't work, email hijacked by
spammers, a laptop that died, no internet connection and every
single one of the five links on The Today Show and MSNBC
websites went down. By the time it got to the videos...I melted.

Each of us walks through a Circle of Fire when we go to achieve
our goal. Jone Novek our Club Fabulous member in Scottsdale,
Arizona reminded me that creating a goal is like making gold.
Gold ore must be heated to a very high temperature to turn it
into pure gold. When you are going for a little goal there may
be a lukewarm resistance. When it's a bigger goal you may face
bigger flames.

What I Learned About The Circle of Fire Get help. I know I say
this over and over...but friends do see you through tough times.

Know Your Areas of Weakness and Strength. I am no tech whiz
(weakness). Having everything go haywire meant that I was forced
to learn about internet bandwidth, g-mail as a way to foil the
spammer and that working with my web hosting company was..easy!

I was made stronger by the circle of fire. Kicking and
screaming...but stronger.

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