Friday, July 11, 2008

How Business Coaching Can Increase Your Productivity

Eli Davidson is a charismatic, deeply insightful person who
touches the lives of those lucky enough to discover her. The
first time I met her, her warm heart, openness and vulnerability,
the sense of deep caring, mixed with the delightful zest for life
she exudes made me aware that she holds a very special place in
this world. I was at the time thinking about hiring a coach.
When I met Eli, I knew she was the one.

Over months of coaching she has exceeded all my expectations.With her guidance, I’ve taken a journey of self-discovery, though
all I expected initially was higher productivity in my work. Eli
really opened up my horizons!

Eli has a roster of tools—which she so adeptly and playfully
offers to her readers in her brilliant Funky to Fabulous book.
Furthermore, Eli’s way of believing in you and standing there
with you does as much as her tools in bringing you in touch with
what she calls your Authentic Self and which she believes is a
playful, productive and happy one. It is a self that says I am
number one, but You are number one too! It is a self who
believes in Win Win possibilities.

One of the greatest rewards I experience in my work in
residential real estate is the joy and fulfillment I share with
my clients when they move into their new home or are able to cash
in successfully in their investment. It is the expectation of
that satisfaction that keeps me focused during the ups and downs
of the process. One of the challenges that many a Manhattan
broker faces over time is maintaining this enthusiasm and joy and
not lose oneself in the grind of the zillion tasks and challenges
involved in the process. After a couple of sessions with Eli, I
was ready to go out and enjoy what I have been doing for 15 years
with a renewed sense of purpose and high energy. After six
months of meeting her, I was able to have two quarters of high
productivity in a market that has been slowing down considerably.
My clients are happier for that and so am I! Through my work
with her all fears of a slowing market disappeared and their
place has been taken by new marketing plans, better and more
efficient ways to serve my clients and a strong belief in my
abilities and the usefulness of my services.

As a single woman, who relies on my own efforts to support
myself, knowing that I am on top of my game gives me the
reassurance that I need to be the Mayor of my town--to use one of
Eli’s favorite metaphors. Life around me happens, but it is up
to me to shape it into my own needs and aspirations; while of
course I keep my little girl playful and happy! Go Olga! Go
Eli! I ask my friends and acquaintances, all who I care about to
read Funky to Fabulous!
Call Eli! Be Wealthy! Be happy with yourself and those around you!”

Olga Alexakos, Ph.D.
Vice President, Associate Broker
Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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