Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eli Davidson on the Today show

Since my Today Show appearance, folks have been asking to hear more about what my "dark days" were like.

In 18 months I lost my marriage, business and health with $88,000 of corporate debt. I went from having 23 folks making my products to living on peanut butter in a friend's guest house.

Losing the love of my life (much to my surprise he was wildly unfaithful) was devastating. I had Meniere's Syndrome which is a disease that causes some to be bed ridden for the rest of their lives. Losing the business was like losing a baby. I started it with $17 and a glue gun and grown it to $1.5 million in retail sales in four years.

There were dark days in which suicide looked like an inviting option.

During the bleak parade of March days I hit bottom. The woman weeping in her car in the alley so the neighbors don't hear her- that was me. I knew that I was supposed to "love myself". But how? I couldn't find a book to give me hand's on tools to lift myself out of my 'funk'. I was desperate.

Even though I didn't have the money, I enrolled in the Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica. ( I bet you guys would love it!) I had given up on myself. But the faculty at USM didn't give up on me. They saw the magnificence in me...even if I didn't. Miracles of healing began to appear. I quadrupled my income in the next two years.

In four years I went from living in a guest house, to having a home with my own guest house...without a rich boyfriend. Folks saw my very dramatic transformation and asked me to coach them.

Take a small step.
For me it was enrolling in a school to get the support in reclaiming my dreams.

Be Finicky
Stop playing nice. If you are honest with yourself- you know who is stealing your energy and positive focus...stay away from them.

Endure to the Win.
I almost gave up a month before the biggest media appearance. Don't give up until you get what you are striving for

My clients doubled and tripled their income, they started flourishing businesses, lost weight, they stopped smoking and started dating after a two year dry spell. Soon word spread and I was coaching my heroes- Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe winners and even a founding member of Fed Ex.

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