Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Duh Factor! Sell to The People That Are Buying

Are you stymied about how to grow your business? Take 2009 from Funky to Fabulous by focusing on the gender that does the shopping! As working women we often forget our power. My belief that we women have the power to change our economic landscape for the good of all.

Here are some fun facts I thought you would find interesting.

The Baby Boomers, ages 45 to 54, are making consumer and financial decisions for themselves, their children, and their parents—that’s three generations captured in one target audience.
Women will acquire over 90% of the growth in U.S. private wealth between now and 2010, according to Trend Sight Group.

Women drive the majority of purchases in categories traditionally focused on men: 80% home improvement; 66% computers; 60+% new cars; 55% consumer electronics; 54% investments.
$103 BILLION: Estimated annual expenditures by women-owned enterprises for four areas— IT, telecommunications, HR services, and shipping in 2004 (Center for Women’s Business Research)

Two out of every three new businesses established in the U.S. are pioneered by a woman.
Women make the majority of health decisions.

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