Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oprah: "I'm Mad At Myself, I'm Embarrassed" Over Weight Gain

OPRAH!!! (I am saying that in your Oprah show voice...so hopefully you will hear me.) I feel your pain. I have been there. The one diet you haven't tried is TLC The Low Criticism Diet. That is the last diet you will need.

Stop beating yourself up. Stop the rigid diets. Start accepting yourself.

Self criticism is one of the most fattening things around. The more you demean yourself for having a 'food mistake' the more you fuel having a binge. One binge fuels the next and all of a sudden you can't fit in your Obama Inauguration dress.

Until you reinvent your way of being with yourself, your weight is always going to victimize you.

Oprah when you say, "I'm embarrassed. I'm mad at myself." you show that you haven't addressed the judgmental mindset that is a key component of yo-yo dieting. I should know, I have waged the same battle myself. The Low Criticism Diet is the only diet that silenced the insanity of my 20 year battle with food.

I'll be posting Anatomy of a Binge to help you, my beloved Oprah, and anyone else that wants to come to peace with their body.

Until then, remember food isn't the issue.

Self love is.
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