Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Lessons From Fast Food Part 2

Simple Questions Can SUPERSIZE The Quality of Your Life.

Asking a few key questions can dramatically impact your experience. Ask, ask, ask!

1. Ask......Yourself.
Take 15 minutes and review your week. This can be the most productive 15 minutes on your agenda.

Ask yourself, "What worked...and what didn't?" Whip out that trusty calendar of yours and look at your activities and interactions. Does your jaw get tight when you see "meeting with JD"? Do you feel a knot in your stomach when you remember the unclear communication with your brother? You are the world expert in You-ness, so you are the person that is best equipped to give yourself the best feedback. Taking time to look at your week gives you clear guidance of what worked and what didn't. By reviewing your week you will become familiar with your own "instant feedback cues". Practicing this technique you will become more familiar with your cues. Soon, you will be able to use these "instant decision makers" as a traffic light for your decisions.

2. Ask...Another
Take 15 minutes and ask for support. It takes a village to change a habit or to create a dream. You have so much more support than you know. If there is someone in your life that has what you want, that person is the best place to start. (A friend with a happy marriage will give you better romantic advise than a single friend....I found that out the hard way). Ask if you can chat with them weekly and get their advice.

3. Ask...Your Infinite Wisdom
Take 15 minutes and ask for the support and guidance of your Spirit... Then....listen! Inviting the infinite wisdom of The Great Good inside you is probably the smartest question you can ever ask. I have found that Spirit is the best partner around. Maybe finding the handsome, sensitive man of your dreams and fitting into your size 8 jeans seems 50% impossible to you, but for Spirit it is no biggie.

Are you ready to get out of the way and let your dreams have a say? Ask Eli a question at info@elidavidson.com or go to http://www.elidavidson.com today.

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