Thursday, May 21, 2009

Executive Coaching: Let Yourself Be Wrong!

I had lunch today with my entertainment attorney John Mason. He has been the attorney for Sharira, ABBA, Olivia Newton John and a big honking ton of famous people. I always walk away pinching myself that I get to work with him. He is such a testimony that there are GREAT people in this business.

Here's John's Wife Bianca...Is John Having An Affair?

I Was Wrong

Dashed home to shoot coaching with the brilliant Daniel James for a show at MTV.
This came about because I was wrong. I thought that I wrote a book for women. I was wrong. Guys LOVE my book. Rich Melendez read my book and became a raging fan. He got other fan to shoot YouTube videos. Admitting that I was wrong and that this was a book for guys lead to my shoot today.

How can you grow from admitting you were wrong?

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