Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How To Get A Job: Be A Black Belt At Networking

More businesses are being begun by those above 40 than in any other age group. Here is a story from CNN about Baby Boomers leading in new business start ups.


The biggest challenge faced by those over 40 is often their negative attitudes.

I just got off a call with Nelson Davis. He is the producer of "Making It" It has won 6 Emmys as the top show for small business owners.

It takes a great deal of grit to begin a business. 40 somethings have just as much grit as 20 somethings. However, over the age of 30 often folks begin seeing all the reasons that a business will fail. They tell themselves that it can't happen. they don't price their services to reflect the value they deliver,

For anyone starting a business I believe it is key to be part of a team. You will need to have support along the way. If you are like me there will be lots of areas that you know nothing about. I

There is so much great support of those wanting to reinvent themselves. SCORE http://www.score.org is an incredible resource. It offers free advice from successful retired executives.
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