Thursday, June 18, 2009

Balanced Life- Meditate

I meditate as it is a way of being still and seeing things in an objective way

our mind is like a monkey jumping from thought to thought --drama to drama..with a balanced mind there is spaciousness and a chance to see with fresh eyes and to be able to chill- that is why we have just written our new book. It is our offering to a crazy world....(I won't go there now)

Staying in the heart/loving and being with caring friends all are part of being a balanced person. And tahat includes YOU *****


Ed Shapiro

Thank you, Thank you for your thoughts. As a Life Coach I believe meditation can do wonders and certainly help achieve the balanced life!

If you know how to drive a car, you have the skills to turn
around your day. And hey, once you have turned around your
day, you are on the way to turning around your life and steering
yourself toward more success and becoming Funky To Fabulous!

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