Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gratitude Glasses..Hmmm That's A Thought!

There was little for me to do, but paint my toe nails green. I signed the petition to help the people of Iran and then I dashed off to get a mani-pedi. Still thinking about Iran, I chose green for my pedicure and although it was a silly little gesture, my toes were now the color of mold! As I looked at my fashion faux pas and felt a warm glow fill my body which seemed to affect my eyesight, I found I was grateful...for all the small details in my life.

On this day everywhere I looked I saw something to appreciate.

It was after 8:00 PM and the summer sky was still a powdery blue. The last few purple Jacaranda blossoms clung to the trees and even the parking lot outside "Perfect Nails" had a luscious glow. It was as though I had a new pair of glasses.

There's an eyewear prescription we all need. Though these glasses aren't found in an optometrist's office. I'm talking about Gratitude Glasses.

Negative focus clouds your sight. Gratitude lets you perceive past what's obvious and find the good. It makes situations pop into a new clarity.

I'm happy to say Kari Henley brought the brilliant point of WIIFY (What's In It For You) regarding service. There are some reasons for you to consider looking at your life through the lens of thankfulness.

What gift might be waiting for you if you put on the glasses of gratitude?

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