Monday, June 08, 2009

How To Market Myself With Inner Marketing

Your probably wondering how exactly do I market my inner self?? I feel it is very important so I will giv eyou the step by step!

First you will start with... Your Personal Empowerment

You Are Mayor....What is it like inside your skin? Regardless of outer circumstances you have the power and responsibility to be good to yourself. It may sound cheesy, but you are the only person that can empower you. Most decisions to hire a candidate are made in the first 10 seconds. The only way to really show up is to be empowered.

Be Sure To Listen To Your Self, are you so busy tweeting and texting that you have lost track of who you really are? Take at least 15 minute each day to honor the authentic wisdom of your body, mind and Spirit. I know of many a client who has gotten a job by following a "hunch."

Don't Be The Lone Ranger, get and give support as part of a team. Mammals are pack animals. During a job search, time of stress (or any time for that matter) you need to be part of a group. Women in particular thrive when they 'Tend and Befriend' as the landmark UCLA study found.

Be Accountable, tell someone your goals. Check in with them daily if possible. It is very easy to watch the last episodes of Oprah instead of making sales calls.

Try out inner marketing and see what you get for results!

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