Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Overcome CRAZY Office Politics (Part 1)

Here is a story from a coaching client.

As an executive coach, I hear a lot of interesting stories....If you are passed over for a promotion...you may enjoy this.

"Thanks so much for your coaching session this afternoon. After years of playing sports...I forgot how important that coaching is...for the mind and spirit! I really appreciated your insight and time.

Below is a brief "story" for your blog:

Working almost 20 years for a municipality, this woman manager oversaw a very crucial department for the City, handling day to day operational needs for the organization. When the organization went under a restructuring effort, there was a director position created above this woman.

However the day it was created, it was filled - by a man who was friends with the top manager of the City...an old Navy buddy. (Sound familiar? This is why I am always banging the drum to get you to network to find your next position.)

The new Director came in, and without finding out anything about the existing organization - its culture, its rules, its policies - he decided that it should operate like where he had come from - the US Navy.

He literally turned the department upside down, eliminating a third of the team, yet none of the services. This woman kept the operations running during the turmoil...keeping employee morale going, and customers needs met. (Note the different management styles. Often women become the 'Caretaker' of the office. They clean up the messes made by management- and don't speak up to get compensated.)

After 6 months, this man "pissed off" enough people that he was quietly dismissed."

Stay tuned...more of this story tomorrow!

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