Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Survive Crazy Office Politics (Part 2)

As a coach for women executives, I often see the scenario of women undervaluing themselves and their contribution.
This story from a client illustrates

"The woman was asked to temporarily run the department while interviews were held to fill the position. (Note they gave the job to someone else. That person failed. Then they asked her to run the department. Does this sound familiar?)

She agreed, and asked that she be considered for the job as well.

When the interviews were held, another man was selected...once again, a military man, with no direct experience in this particular field.

A nice guy, but not knowing the ropes, he relied on the woman manager to run the department, handle employee concerns, and take care of the daily operations, while he went to daily meetings with the "top brass" He ended up getting fired after nine months, along with his boss who hired him.

Again, the woman was asked to take over the department and run it until the next Director was hired.

She agreed, but insisted that she get paid the Director's salary during this assignment....which was begrudgingly agreed to - a sum of $120K. Then major disasters hit the City, and she was the lead in many citywide operations, handling the daily emergencies and rising to the needs of the City, working almost six weeks straight without a day off. (In my coaching practice I see many women become the underpaid 'caretaker' in their organization. Sound familiar?)

Accolades were received by many other department Directors, so she knew that her work was appreciated by her customers. When the interview day arrived and went, she was confident that all her hard work over the past two years, and particularly during the emergency, would be recognized. (Note: SHE DID A GREAT JOB!)

Surely, she had gone over and beyond...more than any of the previous men directors had done.

The Saga continues tomorrow!

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