Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Survive Crazy Office Politics (Part 3)

Here is a continuation of a story from a session with one of my clients.

Earlier, you see that she was passed over for a job promotion. A 'navy buddy' with no experience got the job. He was a drunk and was terminated. She applied again. Nope. The job went to a womanizer. Now it is round three.

"But no, the phone call came and yet another man was selected to replace her.

So the new Director arrived, and so did his baggage...a couple of google searches showed that he was currently unemployed after damaging articles about his job performance in his old hometown.

She continued to smile, work hard and tried not to show how much this betrayal had hurt her...feeling that she was given the work, but never the job or the perks that went with it. (As an executive coach I see woman often "Grin and Bear It" rather than speak up.)

"They hired three incompetent men, and not me - obviously, they just don't want me!" To add insult to injury, the current City newspaper started printing articles about this man's dubious past, along with his current salary of $145K.

Seeing that he was paid significantly more than she had been paid for the same job put her anger over the top. She went home, slammed the front page paper on the kitchen table, and started telling her oldest son of her frustration.

He calmly looked at her and spoke "But mom...you have forgotten the most important factor. You are just a girl, and remember, girls have to work harder and still get paid less than men".

Knowing that he was kidding, she laughed and said "You are right...I forgot about the chromosome factor". At this point, the woman knew that it was time to move on.

Tomorrow we will dissect this tale to get coaching tips that you can use in your career.

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