Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jamie Dyer Dordek Life Lessons

I didn't meet Jamie until after she died.

Think life is certain? Guess again.

Jaime was a blaze of florescent colors until she stepped off a curb and sprained her ankle. The blood clot from that minor accident traveled to her brain and killed her.

Jamie Dyer Dordek was 32

I got to know Jaime through her family, friends and her wonderful blog before I spoke at her memorial service. Even though Jamie only got 32 years to cram her life into, she lived her life full out. There wasn't a person in that room whose life hadn't become more vibrant because of The J Woman. I couldn't help falling in love with her myself.

Jamie reached out. On line. Standing in line. Traveling. At home. With Andy. At work. Her smile and laughter couldn't be contained by physical space. She made the planet Earth a better place for being here.

Jamie lived full tilt. She made a difference. Her family and friends say that the world isn't as colorful without her.

Now, it's our turn. Now, we are her hands. We are her smile. From this day forward how can you make a person next to you smile or laugh? Or give away that last pair of pleated pants?

Jamie this is for you, we will never forget!

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