Friday, June 12, 2009

To Comment or Not to Comment?

Last week I posted an article at the Huffington Post honoring the memory of the amazing Jamie Dyer Dordek and it had many unexpected consequences. On the vibrant bright side, it was a comfort to her mother, brother, family members and friends.

Another added benefit was that I got to discover that I was wrong. Wrong about Twitter. I got to meet many of Jamie's on line Twitter family. Another plus was that I got to experience the community of support which is so profound.

On what I would describe as the venomous dark side, two commenters posted heartless comments.

Jamie loved full out. You can feel the love as you read the comments about her. As crazy as it seems to me, one of her loves (the love of all things bacon) brought out a string of angry responses. These comments punctured the tribute to this wonderful woman who died two weeks ago.

My heart pounded as I read comments that were a slap in the face to a woman who would never be able to defend herself. I had just spent the weekend at The University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology program. It's focus is Soul centered learning which in my case is all about learning to love more, judge less and getting cutting edge tools to create more of what I want. I'd spent 25 hours learning to be more loving. Within 3 minutes all my spiritual psychology was a limpid puddle on the floor.

It would be nice if we could all think first and be a little more loving!

What are your thoughts??

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