Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can We Help Harvest A Better World?

Minus the machinery, life on the Bucyrus Kansas farm I grew up on was much like life has been around the globe for thousands of years. Transfixed by the events in Iran, it is clear that each of us is a global citizen. At our core of us is a farmer. Each of us is responsible to cultivate the world we live in.

Summer Is Harvest Time and with every bite you take from an cucumber (or from any food for that matter) you have participated in a miracle that depends on the delicate balance of the elements. An unexpected heavy rain, and early frost, and infestation of insects can damage or destroy a crop. A farmer's living depends on the whims of the weather. This makes them humble, wise and altruistic. Each one of these qualities is our authentic nature.

As a farmer you know that your survival depends on working together with your neighbors to bring in the bounty of your harvest. Farmers know that you can't go it alone. Neither can you or I.

What are you planting, nurturing and harvesting?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful post Eli.

Locally, with the help of techniques we learned from Eliot Coleman's work ("Four Season Harvest") we are successfully growing crops year round by choosing the right crops for the right seasons, and using inexpensive homemade mini-green houses to extend the season year round.

And more globally, we are inspired by the work of John Jeavons

Bountiful gardens is a non-profit group working globally to help people grow a healthy, organic, sustainable, complete vegetarian diet on very small areas of land with few external resources.

With these techniques, we are now easily producing most of our own fruits and vegetables with plenty to share with neighbors and those who need them.

It's great food, great exercise, great educational opportunities for the children, and a great way to bring together the community. There is no down-side to living closer to the Earth and working with rather than against the natural seasons.

I look forward to more of your posts in the future. Keep up the great work.

Shalom Friend