Friday, July 31, 2009

Do You Digest Reality?

I am dashing about to meetings...and eating some pretty cruddy grub along the way. My digestion has been a long standing challenge. (This is dating back to my childhood where I felt powerless. I held on tight as a way to demonstrate my power.)

One thing that I am enjoying digesting is the new found interest in the body-mind connection. I use it in all my programs. Yesterday, I did a simple exercise (that you and I have probably been doing for 20 years) to demonstrate the 'funky' effect that negative thinking has on the body. This was for big honking execs at a big honking production company owned by big honking stars...

Whether I am in front of an audience in the health care industry or Hollywood executives the reaction is the same. Awe!

I am deeply encouraged that our society seems to be opening to the ancient wisdom that our inner life affects our body. Here are a few links for more on negative thinking and it's effects.
1. Physical Health Conditions
2. How Negative Thinking Can Hurt You

Stay Positive! Eli

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