Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Losing Followers On Twitter?

Are you losing followers on Twitter and you don't know why? As an executive life coach I found that twitter can be a very useful networking tool, but when abused or used for spam it can be very annoying. Here are a few things you may be doing that may cost you your followers!

Automatic Direct Messages: These things are very annoying, and there is nothing personal about them. For example, “Thanks for following me! Be sure to check out my website!” is considered a spam.

Blasting Tweets: Are you one of those people who send out ten or more posts at once that cover up the entire wall? You need to give others a chance to speak up. When you spam like that, all people see is a wall of your smiley face picture. If you ever wonder why you lose a bunch of followers on Twitter all at once, this could be the biggest reason.

Over Promoting: Do you only post about your website? People will think you are a robot if all you do is talk about your website and tell people to check it out. Try to connect with others by interacting on Twitter. If somebody posts something interesting, then you can talk about it, and share it with your followers.

Proper Follow Up: When people ask you questions through a @reply or direct messages, make sure you respond to them. You may have post something interesting that caught their attention. Connect with these people and they may recommend you to their followers later.

Keep It Clean: Many people use twitter at work. Profanity is not something they can afford to have flashing on their computer. Most people will immediately unfollow these types of users.(This information was provided by: horno)

I hope these tips keep you tweeter the right way and help you stay in touch with your followers!

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