Monday, July 27, 2009

Ovecoming Impossible Odds

As an executive coach in Los Angeles, I am seeing how possible it is to overcome what seem to be impossible odds. Surviving and thriving in the current economy demands that you overcome obstacles, seek out opportunity, and uncover creative solutions.

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I am so glad to be teaching a class tomorrow called Ovecoming Impossible Odds. This high energy, interactive presentation gives you trademark Turnaround Techniques.

This powerful step by step system was developed over four years to utilize the latest in brain research. Learn how to use Inner and Outer marketing to get the results you want. This system gives you the tools to overcome self sabotage, take successful action, and have the "It" factor that helps you to WIN! Stop wasting your time. Life is too short. You deserve to create the life you savor. These tools are so powerful that they are used by Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe winners.

Discover how to ignite your potential, insight, innovation, and to reinvent your life.

This class is particularly helpful for small business owners or those that want to start a business.

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