Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yes, You Can! Lessons From A 91 Year Old Drummer On An Oxygen Tank

As an executive coach in Santa Monica and speaker I am blessed to meet with so many amazing women and men. In these very interesting times I’m seeing a trend of people giving up on themselves. Do you have dreams that are still unfulfilled? Do they sit in the dusty, dark corner of the utility closet of your life?

Why does this happen?
Because of what you are telling yourself. Don’t believe me?

Do you find yourself telling yourself any of the following?
I can’t. I don’t have the training.
I can’t. I am too old.
I can’t. I might fail.

Each of us (myself included) pile that utility closet of our mind so full of negative garbage that it is no wonder that we never get to our dreams.

You already know that what you focus on grows. Here are some videos to give you the motivation to throw out your excuses instead of your dreams.

Funky or Fabulous...Yes You Can!
No Training…Yes You Can!

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